Corporate Housing

relocation-1The Houston area economy is booming, bringing thousands of temporary and permanent residents to our area in search of a great place to live. Companies can spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours searching for the perfect place to meet their employees’ living needs. Instead of the hassle being placed on the Company, call Rewards Relocation at 281-354-1350 to serve your Company’s needs.

apartment-searchRewards Relocation is a full service Corporate Housing, Relocation and Property Management Company focused on taking the stress and expense out of employee relocation. From finding and leasing the perfect apartment or private home to providing utilities, furnishings and necessities — we can handle it all! Whether it’s a month-to-month lease, or annual basis, let our experienced team make all of the arrangements for you.

For complete information on corporate housing, please visit our website at

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